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.ATEM Controller

Directly control a Blackmagic Design ATEM switcher from mimoLive via network


Requires Separate License

The 'mimoLive ATEM Controller' is installed with the standard installation of mimoLive but requires a separate license key which is available for purchase in the Layers and Templates store.

System Requirements:


To purchase the mimolive ATEM Controller, please go to the mimoLive buy page and purchase the “mimoLive ATEM Controller Layer”. You will receive an email containing a clickable link with your license key. This will unlock the mimoLive ATEM Controller layer.

Using the ATEM Controller

The following video explains how to set up and use the ATEM controller.


BoinxTV vs. mimoLive

The video was originally made for BoinxTV. The functionality of the ATEM Controller is the same in mimoLive.

Adding The ATEM Controller Layer To A Remote Control Surface

The ATEM Controller Layer brings a couple of Remote Control Representations with it. To use one of them in a Remote Control Surfaces you need to configure it completely in mimoLive. Once you finished the configuration in the mimoLive document you can open the Remote Control Surface with a button in the toolbar. (Please read Remote Control Surfaces to learn more about how to create and design a Remote Control Surface for mimoLive).

On that Remote Control Surface you click on the "+ Add Button" button. Look for the "ATEM Controller" layer in the left column and click on it. This will change the left column to the layer representations of this layer. There are several different layouts to choose from:

  • 4 Sources
  • 8 Sources In A Row
  • 8 Sources Compact
  • Mutiview + 4 Sources
  • Multiview + 8 Sources

Because some layouts needs a lot of space you may need to adjust the Remote Surface grid size before adding the layout to it.


Please take into account that the live video preview is CPU intensive and costs render performance in mimoLive.

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.ATEM Controller

Directly control a Blackmagic Design ATEM switcher from mimoLive via network

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