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The Instagram Source provides access to photos on Instagram. You can view your own photos, photos you like or photos that fit a search term.

Accessing Instagram

You have to log into Instagram with a valid account to access photos.

Go to mimoLive Preferences -> Accounts, log in and grant mimoLive access to your account:

Setting up the Instagram Source


This is non-functional in the Instagram Source and may be removed from a future version.

Render Size

By default, a new source is rendered in the document dimensions. For Instagram, you should set this to a square.

  • Click on the Render Size popup menu and choose "Custom..." from the list.
  • Enter the desired dimensions in the fields below.


Sensible Render Size

It doesn't make sense to render the source in a higher resolution than you want to use in your document. As a rule of thumb, the maximum height you might want to render the Instagram photos in is probably the height of your document.

Currently, Instagram provides the photos in a maximum resolution of 612 x 612 pixels.

More Settings

Clicking on the cogwheel brings up more settings:

Control: Advance

This controls how the Instagram source delivers photos.

  • Automatic: In this case, the images matching the Content criteria are cycled through in the interval specified by Image Duration
  • Newest Image: returns only the last image matching the Content criteria until a new image appears in the feed.

Content: Type

This determines which images are displayed:

  • My Photos: This searches photos uploaded by the account that you used to sign in.
  • My Likes: This searches photos that were liked by the account that you used to sign in.
  • Tagged: This allows you to specify a search term, for example a hashtag.
  • Other Users Timeline: If a user has a public profile, you can access their photo stream.


Display Mode

If the Render Size is different than the size of the media returned by Instagram, this determines how the media is rendered.

  • Fit Screen makes sure that the entire Instagram photo is visible. This might cause bars to appear which are filled with the Background Color.
  • Fill Screen makes sure the entire Render area is filled. This may cause the Instagram photo to be cut off.

Display User Credits

This renders the Instagram User credits into the image as recommended by Instagram usage guidelines. It uses the Font and Text BG Color specified.

Using the Instagram Source

The Instagram Source works basically like a video source, you can use it in any layer that supports display of a source. For quick results, use the "PIP" layer.

Moderating Content

If using the Instagram source for a public broadcast or at a public event, it might be desirable to moderate the content. Here is how you can do this:

  • Log into the same account in mimoLive and on a "moderator" device.
  • Set up the Instagram Source to show Content of Type "My Likes".
  • Set up the Instagram Source to Advance on "Newest Image".
  • Search for photos on the moderator device and "like" the ones you want to show up in mimoLive.
  • After a couple of seconds, the photo you just liked will show up in mimoLive.

Updated 2 months ago

What's Next

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