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NDI® Playout

The NDI® playout sends video data to any NDI® enabled device on your local network. NDI® also transports the alpha channel which gives you the opportunity to use mimoLive as a graphics generator.

Setting Up NDI® Playout

Open the NDI® Playout settings by clicking the disclosure button at the right side of the NDI® Playout button.

  • The options for "Automatically start" and "Automatically stop" are used for the Start/Stop Show Button.
  • Select a Failsafe Source that takes over your NDI® output in case of a malfunction. The Failsafe Source can also be changed while NDI® playout is live. This step is optional.

Checking the Status of the NDI® Playout

Once you started the playout over NDI® the status button turns red. Now the mimoLive program output can be received by NDI® enabled devices on the network.

You can check the NDI® Playout status by clicking the disclosure button again.



How many NDI® connections are receiving the mimoLive program out?

On Program

Is the mimoLive video signal displayed in the program out of any connected NDI® receiver?

On Preview

Is the mimoLive video signal displayed in the preview of any connected NDI® receiver?

Encoder Status

How is the NDI® video encoder doing?

Encoder Rate

What FPS is the NDI® encoder running?

Dropped Frames

Did mimoLive drop frames because the NDI® video encoder did not perform as needed?

NDI® is a product of NewTek, Inc.

NDI® Playout