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The "Levels" filter provides a quick and easy way to adjust the white balance of a video source. You will set a a black point, a white point and a grey point. This is useful if you have horrible lighting or if you want to make a number of cameras "look the same".

New for mimoLive 4.0b4

The levels filter was added with mimoLive 4.0b4

Adding the filter

Add the Levels filter to a source by clicking on the "fx" next to the source name and selecting the Levels filter from the popup.

Configure the filter

Follow this recipe to setup the filter:

  • Click on the expander icon (1) to get a larger view of before and after.
  • Select the Black color picker tool either by clicking on the bar below the source view (2) or selecting "black" from the Color Picker Tool popup menu (3).
  • Use the loupe to find a suitable color spot in your image (4).
  • Repeat for white and grey, in that order because picking black or white will reset grey to its default values.

You can see the result on the right hand side of the setup pane.

Additional Setup

Auto – Let the filter find a white balance for you.
Reset – Return to the default values
Freeze Source – Holding up a grey card can be exhausting, so freezing the source helps.
Show Zebra – This lets you check if there are white out areas after you set the white point.

Grey Cards

Grey cards are useful as they provide a standardised point of reference. You can easily get one on Amazon.